Maintenance & Care

We treat each piece of our products as one of a kind, we trust you feel the same way. Here's a maintenance guide for you to take good care of your goods.

To extend the service life of your product, we recommend you to:
How to take care of my bag?

Keep away from water and avoid scratches.


Keep away from sharp articles to avoid damaging the surface coating.

Suede Leather

Keep away from water, which may leads to mold growth.

Canvas / cloth with leather handle or fittings trimmed

Only brush-clean; except the area with leather.


Keep away from water for the leather or metallic parts.

How to clean your bag?
Blood Stains

Use a similar piece of leather (may also use the enclosed leather piece) apply soap water and wipe on the dirt with the leather piece, the blood stain will gradually disappear.

Wine Stains

Use a clean wet cloth to wipe the wine stains, please note that only white wine and champagne stains can be eliminated.


Air-dry the leather bag in a dry shade, apply leather protection lotion once dried.

Chalk Stain

Wipe with wet cloth.


Apply talcum powder (bath powder) onto the stain, wait for 24 hours until the talcum powder absorbed the grease, then wipe the leather inside-out with a damp cloth.

Fleck stain and black dots

Use a leather piece with same color and apply alcohol and rub the stain gently.


Place a clean cloth on top of the stained area and iron with a steamed iron. Avoid placing the iron directly onto the leather.

Ball pen marks

Should treat as soon as possible. Clean immediately with leather eraser (suede leather) or leather maintenance lotion.

What if my leather bag gets molded?

May use a dry towel or dry toothbrush to brush off the mold. Followed by a soft cloth applied with alcohol and wipe gently in circles. Alcohol has sterilization and evaporation effect resulting in the drying of leather surface and prevention of mold.

To prevent a leather bag from getting mold, empty the bag and wipe with a dry cloth. Place it in a well ventilated place to dry naturally (this step is especially important to bags that get wet from raindrops). Then put it in a sealed plastic bag with anti-mold agent (*silica gel /activated charcoal /bamboo charcoal).

DO NOT store the handbag just in the collateral cloth sack as its cotton fabric is easily affected by damp environment for possible growth of molds.

The above information is for reference only. Maintenance of leather is greatly depending on its classification.