Each HK$100 spent will earn 1 Bonus Point (delivery fees or any other extra charges are excluded).
If the transaction is made in foreign currencies, Bonus Points will be calculated after the amount is exchanged into Hong Kong Dollars.
Bonus Points are valid for souvenir redemption.

Terms and Conditions
- Bonus Points are valid for 2 years. Expired Bonus Points are forfeited. Members can get details of their Bonus Points on their account profile.
- The amount of purchasing cash coupon will be transferred into Bonus Points, but the amount of using cash coupon will not.
- Bonus Points will be distributed to customers’account upon delivery of purchased product(s) after 10 days. If customers request for product returns, the Bonus Points of the returned product(s) will be cancelled.
- Shipping fees are excluded in the calculation of Bonus Points.
- Bonus Points cannot be transferred into cash.
- If Bonus Points show significant digit(s), the amount will be rounded off to the nearest decimal place.
- Bauhaus Holding Limited reserves all rights to edit, renew and terminate the Bonus Point scheme; the interpretation and decision of Bauhaus Holding Limited shall be final.


Coupon Codes

- Coupon codes can only be used individually.

-Delivery Of  Arrangement

The delivery time of order will be delayed due to internal stock taking within 22 March 2019 to 1 April 2019. Sorry for the inconvenience that may be caused. We appreciate your kind consideration.