Products and pictures
Salad strives to ensure that all product images and descriptions displayed on the website are accurate. However, the color displayed on each computer screen may vary.
The Company cannot guarantee that there will be no difference in product color accuracy. Product pictures are for reference only, but the descriptions of the product pictures and the information provided are the state of the product when it was actually taken. The company reserves the right to correct errors and omissions without prior notice.

All product dimensions are measured by hand. And because the products are handmade by craftsmen, the actual size may differ by about 1-3 cm / 1 inch from the description. If the armrest or shoulder strap can be adjusted in length, we will use the longest distance as the unit of measurement.

leather surface
Salad products are manufactured from only the finest materials, carefully crafted with attention to detail and design and finished by hand, while the pure leather dye layer and protective layer allow the leather surface to maintain its natural surface color. Minor cracks, inconspicuous shade differences and natural markings on the leather that enhance the quality and uniqueness of the material should not be considered defects. Random, tiny scratches, and color differences are just some of the identifying characteristics of genuine leather and should not be considered defects.